Our award-winning tours operate 7 days a week
throughout the year *
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We have a lot going on in this neck of the woods… where else would you find golfers, students, Hollywood stars, royals, visitors and residents socialising together!

Spanning 5 decades of research by author Richard Falconer, join him on one of his insightful and educational guided walking tours, showcasing the iconic sites of this ancient and unique city as the backdrop to an extraordinary multifaceted history.

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April to September 10am 12 noon 2pm
October to March 2pm

Each tour approx 1hr 45mins
Distance approx 1.8 miles (2.9km)

The history of golf and the history of St Andrews are inseperable, so this tour is a mix of both.

Set amid the backdrop of historic St Andrews you will visit sites frequented by golfing legends and notoriety, from the Old Course to the Cathedral. Tours include historical quirks and easily missed sites of golfing interest and historical importance along the way.

St Andrews Ghost Tours

All year round
4pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 9pm*
*Check website for any exclusions

Each tour approx 1hr 30mins
Distance approx 1 mile

A showcase of people’s experiences with a backdrop of St Andrews history. These popular award-winning tours are educational, unique, factual, and uniquely, have no contrivance, sensationalism or ‘jumper ooters’!

St Andrews History Tours

All year round
12 noon, 2pm, 4pm*
*Check website for any exclusions

Each tour approx 1hr 30mins
Distance approx 1 mile

Showcasing 1000 years of St Andrews remarkable history, these informative tours explore the historic quarters and include forgotten historical detail. Spanning 5 decades of research by your guide and author Richard Falconer, learn about the unusual, the surprising, the intriguing and the forgotten, on this insightful and educational guided walking tour around the historic sites of this ancient and unique city.


Richard has teamed up with 10 great St Andrews restaurants/bars/cafés*
to give you 20% off your meal on the day of your tour, including a St Andrews bucket list must do.
The highly popular…


131 South Street

Home of the Liege Waffle,
made from Belgium dough!

The journey starts in the heart of Belgium where their waffle dough is produced. It is then shipped to St Andrews, where they proof the dough in batches, before baking delicious fresh waffles throughout each day.

A great place to relax in the heart of St Andrews and watch the world go by – or at least this beautiful quarter of it.

They also serve Glen Lyon Coffee, burgers, open sandwiches and much much more. Plus a great kids menu.

Open 6 days a week

Monday 10:30am – 5pm

Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am – 9pm

Sunday – CLOSED

Visit their website here

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